Tips to Improve business Communication and Collaboration

Today, companies expend a lot in improving collaborations and yet too often end up disappointed in their performance. Although, technology can be a great tool for making collaboration easier, but in the beginning, the company’s culture and management initiative are the engine that drives it.

Here we have collected some tips to create a roadmap of steps that you can take to improve collaboration in your company.

  • Open Communication Style: Open communication style allows employees more insight into what is going on and helps them feel they are part of the company. Those that don’t adapt to this new way of communication, tends to facilitate more transparent and quick decisions, will be left behind.
  • Recognize Power Users: Encourage employees to adopt the collaboration tools by having managers to recognize power users at an all-hands meeting or video-conference. Consider offering rewards such as gift cards.


  • Share What the Tools can do: Ensure that users must know how to use the collaboration tools and encourage them to devise new uses for those tools through demonstrations and brainstorming sessions.
  • Go Beyond Online Tools: Online business communication and collaboration tools can provide a great resource for connecting and tracking projects, but there is more out there. So, go beyond the online tools and consider ways to increase face-to-face collaboration. One of the most effective ways to increase innovation and collaboration can be creating a sense of community.
  • Establish Acceptable Usage Policy: Create a policy that outlines what behavior is acceptable and the consequences should the policy be violated. Sign the policy from all employees to acknowledge that they have received it and read it. This would avoid situations later where an employee says that he doesn’t understand why you are disciplining him since he didn’t even know there was such a policy.

So, these were the steps that you must follow to improve your business communication and collaboration, as they both are vital for the growth of your business.