Best Tools for Online Collaboration

A project team may not be working in the same workplace, some work in distributed groups, some  from home and clients can be based all over the world. And this is where the need of collaboration tools come in existence. They make it easier and faster to get feedback.

Here are some of the best available on-line tools that allow designers to take part in collaborative work in real time:

1. Just forget the frustrations of sending work to clients via email. This collaboration tool enables you to host your any on-line project on one dashboard and share it via a simple URL. As the projects are protected with passwords, so only you and the client have access to them. The free version of allows you to manage four projects at a time, and the paid version account is unlimited.

2. Red Pen: This feedback tool is particularly great if you are a freelancer and looking for some constructive criticism on a project. Red pen is specifically created for designers. It lets you drag and drop your designs into a dashboard and invite specific colleagues to let you know their thoughts in real-time as you roll out your latest updates to a project. This collaboration tool costs you $20  per month for 5 projects.

3. GoVisually: This tool allows you to mark annotations and place comments on any part of your project, so clients and designers can collaborate to revise projects online without sending painful e-mails, ultimately increasing productivity. On GoVisually, revisions can be easily uploaded and it is simple to switch between different versions of the same document or project.

4. MindMeister: It is a powerful mind-mapping tool and also has the functionality of many collaboration tools. MindMeister can be used by designers to craft ideas and concepts. Although it can be a bit quirky to organize a design idea through mind mapping, but still it is a great collaboration tool to try out.

5. Scribblar: It is more like a chat room, even it has audio available. Creative brainstorming and artwork revision can be collaborated in the chat room you create. It is an effective on-line collaboration tool and Scribblar is available for free.

These were the 5 tools for on-line collaboration that help designers take part in collaborative work in real time. Are you using these tools? Share your thought in Comment section below.


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