Five steps to successful organizational collaboration

Is simply implementing new technology is the only way to increase collaboration? The answer is No. Fortunately getting started with collaboration is much easier than you might think. And you are probably doing some of it already.

1: Connect to the real World

A significant percentage of companies are expected to go out of business today also. To Cope with continuous changes in the business environment is not easy. Effective collaboration starts with understanding what your customers want, how your market works and what new trends could potentially disrupt your business.

2: Understand How work gets done

Collaboration helps work get done more effectively by bringing the right information to the right people,  at the right time, to make better work decisions. So, to improve collaboration you must first understand how work is actually done. Re-engineer the work so that it can be done more collaboratively in the future.

3. Design a Collaborative Organization

Collaboration requires to look at how you should be organized to do work more effectively. Collaboration improvement often involves restructuring the organization. Once you have decided how work should be done in the future, then you should develop the organization to support it.

4. Empower Staff

Giving the staff right information at the right time doesn’t automatically make them more collaborative or the company more effective. This requires skills, new knowledge, and the opportunity to practice collaboration. It is important to support, train and mentor staff to help them work more collaboratively. Staff members must also practice their new collaboration skills back in the workplace so it becomes the new daily business and not just the latest management fad.

5. Develop a Culture of Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Leading collaborative companies have developed a collaborative entrepreneurial culture to help them spot opportunities in the market that might only be open for a couple of months and respond to them with brand new products in as little as a couple of weeks.
A computer scientist Alan Kay said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

These five steps provide a solid organizational foundation to get you started with collaboration. So, are you following these in your organization? Or any other steps are followed in your organization then share with us at :


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